Training Manager

Government and commercial auditors have praised the Lovelace Training Manager System (TMS) for the way it supports institutional and individual training requirements and compliance across various regulatory environments.

Effectively managing training requirements and associated documentation is critical to the success of any regulated business. The Lovelace TMS ensures that government-mandated, industry-specific, or company-required training and certifications are tracked in an efficient, electronic format.


Training Manager Features: 

  • Electronic signatures eliminate the need for paper documentation.
  • Maintains a complete history and full audit trail.
  • Supervisors manage their own and staff's training requirements and certifications.
  • Delivers system with a simple user interface.
  • Browser-based (Internet Explorer or Firefox) access provides easy deployment within one location or worldwide.
  • Able to customize training requirements (e.g., training items and notifications).
  • Provides complete visibility into all manner of training requirements and needs.